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LUH – Leibniz Universität Hannover

Address:  Welfengarten 1
  D - 30167 Hannover (GERMANY)
(+49) 511.762 – 0
(+49) 511.762 - 3456

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ISAH belongs to the faculty of Civil Engineering and Surveing Sciences of the Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany). ISAH has the four divisions: Sanitary Engineering, Water Supply and Industrial WWTP; Waste Management, Mass Flow Analysis and Anaerobic Technologies; Water Resource Management; Hydro Biology & Biotechnology.

ISAH is well connected to the international and the German Water Association and very active in the task groups. ISAH was member of the German technical working group on developing the BREF-Documents for Food, Drink and Milk Industry as well as for Slaughterhouses and Animal By-Products. At present these IPPC document are in the review process.

The department involved in this project has 22 Research Employees (PhD Candidates), 4 Division Heads (Dr.-Ing), 1 Post Doc, 8 persons in administration, 4 persons in the lab (chemical and biological analysis), 3 persons in the workshop and plant operation. One main focus of the Institute Water Quality and Waste Management Hannover (ISAH) is anaerobic digestion since more than 30 years:

• The workgroup works intensively on digestion of industrial and municipal wastewater, energy crops, waste and sewage sludge. In different research projects the performance of industrial anaerobic wastewater treatment plants as well as co- digestion of organic wastes in municipal digesters was investigated.

• Digestion of solid organic substrates: Concerning anaerobic digestion of solid organic substrates like energy crops or industrial organic waste various projects were carried out: Influences of pre-treatment methods in anaerobic batch-tests with different substrates (spent grains, pomage corn silage, etc.) ; Determination of the specific methane activity of various sludges with different substrates ; Determination of the biogas potential of different, industrial organic waste ; Determination of N-inhibition or trace-element deficiencies.

Besides, at ISAH the approaches to simulate aerobic wastewater program were developed and implemented in DENIKA using Modelling of wastewater processes. This program is a tool for activated sludge tanks and is sold for a long time. Furthermore, the ISAH has experience in simulation of activated sludge tanks with ASM and ADM. In different research projects, the models are modified for special processes und used to simulate different wastewater treatment plants.

ISAH operates different AD pilot plants in lab-scale, pilot-scale and technical-scale. Furthermore different container plants were designed and operated on-site at the industrial facilities.